About imani


It is always difficult writing “About Me’s.” Especially when you are still learning about yourself! I am a fur baby momma, with Daisee the dog and Chloe the cat. My fierce and sometimes feisty personality that once got me into a lot of fist fights and a felony, is now being used to fight FOR women FOR the Kingdom of God. My hustler mindset that once influenced me to turn to the strip clubs, is now used to help women brainstorm income streams using their passions while keeping their clothes on. Yup. You read that right. My trust issues that I had with men, that led me to hating them and turning to women, is now being used to pray for men, and share God’s light on others who can relate to same sex attraction. And the little girl who once loved to write, imaging story lines beyond her age or experience, is now being used to write and to share her own story.


Things that bring me joy

Palm Trees :)

Clean beaches with a beautiful sunset.

Traveling to a new location and making new memories.

Writing fiction, and creating characters that are intriguing.

Good food; no elaboration needed.

Laughing so hard with friends that truly love me.

Candid conversations.

Speaking life into another woman, and then witnessing her have the “aha moment” that changes her mindset.

Resting well.

And the redemptive love from our Savior.