My Thoughts as I Turn 25

If you have had the chance to speak with me within past week or so, then you know that I truly enjoyed being 24. Not because of the fact that I gained weight (kidding, but those pounds were sneaky and I blame my sedentary 9-5 life), but because of almost everything that has happened within the last year. While I had plenty of joyous moments, I also had some battles that birthed lessons.

Can I explore this past year with you?

It actually started off pretty rough. On my birthday last year, I was slightly depressed, feeling lonely and stressed out because I had nobody to plan my actual birthday. While this may seem petty to some of you, it was a big deal for me.

You see, my ex best friend planned the last 8 birthday’s for me. So when as my birthday was approaching, the reality hit me: I had to plan my own birthday and I had officially lost my former best friend. I cried, grieving our friendship once again, and yelled at God for the outcome. I was upset with Him, myself, and her; but I had no idea of what God had planned for me this year.

As I reflect, I can confidently say that this has been my FAVORITE year of life thus far. God has intentionally introduced Himself to me has my best friend. This concept, this idea of God being my BFF was totally foreign to me! But now I KNOW God has my best friend, my Father in Heaven, and my Provider.

And you know what? He has been my favorite!

Perhaps you are struggling with feeling isolated, lonely, or maybe you even have a friendship breakup that you are experiencing! Trust me when I say that God want to be your BFF and that He will remain LOYAL to you.

When you need to make a decision, invite Him to the conversation.

When you are ready to cuss someone out, but you are tired of repenting for checking people (me), tell your new BFF about the situation.

When you are struggling because it has been a hot minute and you want to remain celibate-you guessed it! Your BFF will sustain you with self control.

When you just received good news and you are so excited to share the news- God will be there with you within the joy.

Yes, 24 was beyond beautiful for me because of the self love that I grew in, goals were smashed (good way), the clarity on my purpose, new friendships and cultivating others, but truly because of the intimacy i have gained with God.

So cheers girl, and happy birthday to myself.

Self CareImani Wade