Sunsets in SoCal-Relocation Reasons


I have always been a beach over the mountains type of gal.

Being from Texas, and living here for literally my entire life, I eagerly anticipate the day where I am on a one way flight with my dog and cat, moving to a destination within walking distance of the beach.

Beaches, palm trees, and salt water are clearly so important to me.

This past March, my friend Alex and Rwanda, explored the shore with me, as we shivered amongst the 50 degree coast. We were all equally excited to catch the sunset as it hit the waves.

Something about the ocean is just so majestic, daring, yet inviting. Perhaps I am meant to be a mermaid, or do you understand what I am saying?!

It is so worth seeing everyday and so worth a relocation.

A personal dream of mine (I am getting raw with you here) is to live on the beach. That’s right. I want a house so close to the ocean, that I no longer listen to my “Ocean Waves” playlist through Alexa. It will bless my ears and sleep because it will be within proximity to my home.

The sunset, the ocean, and the beauty captured within this picture is close enough to my paradise that could last a lifetime.

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