17 Hour Layover in London


On my way back from Greece, my flight included a 17 hour layover in London. I was excited to explore two of my top destinations within one visit. I intentional planned this out, by searching for a flight that had a layover in another country.

This is actually a normal thing by the way! For those of you who desire to travel and want to visit another city while on the way to your destination, be intentional with booking a flight with a layover. I think finding a layover with over 9 hours gives you enough time to explore and arrive for your departure flight on time.

I finally had a taste of what a summer night in London, England felt like…

The London streets felt safe and my adrenaline was racing with adventure. I desired to explore more, never wanting for the moment to end. The streets were quiet and the night was long, full of mystery.

You see, wondering at 2 AM in Dallas, Texas consisted of drunk people, Uber drivers, and loud people yelling over one another. And sure, I am aware that some parts of London attracts a similar crowd. But the London Eye was perfect and exactly what I desired in that moment!

TravelImani Wade