Head in the Clouds?


Was L.A. worth the hype to me?

Absolutely. And here is why… I think this city has a lot of negative perspectives from people that are often communicated to others. And sure, those who hate LA probably have a very valid reason which influenced this opinion. But I beg to differ. Coming from a Texas native, who deals with the hot hell months from May to September, and someone who doesn’t have a clean, pretty beach within a 289 mile radius, I was totally impressed with LA. Aside from the nice 75 degree weather and the beaches I explored, I left this trip feeling inspired.

If you are a creative, or aspire to explore your creative God given gifts, you would leave with the same inspiration. To some, LA is over saturated with people who are chasing their dreams. I have to ask, why is this a problem? Why are we so negative to those who not only dare to dream, but then take a bold step into the direction of pursuing their dreams? I love the idea of being around like-minded people with a vision for their life.

I love the idea of listening to someone share their ideas and dreams as the ocean waves provide a beautiful background noise. Of course, there are some people who are chasing the fame clout, but you have a plethora of people who are truly chasing their God given destiny. So yes, LA was totally worth the hype.

TravelImani Wade