"Soaking in Santorini!"


Mermaid in Greece….

I wish.

I absolutely LOVEEEEE this country. Have you ever been somewhere and fell in love with the location? I feel like this about Santorini. I also have a feeling that Italy will win my heart too.

But Greece… I practically begged God to move me out there. From the black sand beaches to the dark blue ocean, this country obtains so much beauty.

From the sun to the sunset, I could not stop smiling in Santorini. This happy island was so much fun to explore!

I was truly so blessed that I had the chance to go here.

Where is it that you desire to visit? Where is your dream vacation?

France? Cape Town? London? Bora Bora?

Do you believe that God can provide everything needed to get you there? Or are you believing that it is impossible to achieve?

I want to hype you up and encourage you to take a faith led step towards this dream trip.

Here is what I do when planning and visualizing my trips:

  • Dare to dream and create a vision board or Pinterest board specific to this location.

  • Start to pray about this dream trip and ask God for the provision to make it happen.

  • Once God gives you the yes to go, do everything that you can to prepare for this trip. Research flights, best seasons to visit, and use YouTube to inspire you for travel vlogs of that desired location.

  • Lastly, remember to pack accordingly and get excited for your trip!

You deserve to explore a new land that God has given us authority over while we remain on Earth!

TravelImani Wade