Mood = Mediterranean


I wish that I could transport myself into the one of these white houses right now. Like as I am typing this, I wish I had the view of the ocean and cliffside. The mediterranean mood is so real and contagious. I left wanting to buy a house, looking up ways to get my citizenship there and I even starting praying about a Greek husband (haha).

I am sure that when I visit Amalfi Coast, I will get the mood there as well. And perhaps God will bring me an Italian man.

As you may have imagined, you can take some FLY photos in Santorini. Bring all your cute poses and cute outfits and get ready to pull out your inner model. Each pose and outfit change is worth it. You want to be poppin in Greece, your memory deserves it.

I also need to add that Santorini looks like the pictures that you pinned! I promise you that :) You will not be disappointed.

This trip was literally a DREAM come true. When I was twelve years old, I made my first dream board. After watching “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, I desired to visit Santorini. Eleven years later, I am digging my toes into the black sand.

I did not want to leave this country. I told God that if He were to ever call me out to live in Greece, I wouldn’t even ask for confirmation! I would simply book my one way and pack up my two fur babies, and BOOM. Call my family and announce the news once I land in my new home. Yes, I love this country. The food, the blue oceans, the people, and the overall aesthetic is beyond pictures.

TravelImani Wade