Babe w/a Broken Shoe!



All of my life, I planned out the exact pose I was going to do in this cute red phone booth. Perfect for a photo prop, this Texas girl was ready for this day to come.

Except I had one problem…

This phone booth smelled like urine. And as my new London friends told me, people intentionally used these phone booths to urinate in them.


That said, I did what made sense and I posed on the the outside of the phone booth. I was determined to get my red phone booth picture!

The lesson here? Travel without expectations :)

I guess only Americans make stops to the store past 10 PM.

There wasn’t a Walmart, Target, or anything close to comparison in sight. And your girl needed one! My sandal decided to give up on me, as I pursued my wanderlust activities. Refusing to give up on this adventure, I had to do what was necessary: I had to thug it out.

Anytime you are faced with the unpredictable, you have two options. You can either push through and embrace it or you can pout.

And if you are wondering, pouting isn’t pretty.

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