8 Signs that You Need a Social Media Break

You find yourself comparing and competing with other people. This is usually sneaky because we don't DARE admit that we are comparing our lives with others, but our actions and mindset speaks otherwise. Here is the thing: you can't expect to hop off of social media to fix the comparison trap. You have to know your worth and who you are in Christ to address this internal issue.

  • Your goals and your tasks are NOT being completed due to scrolling on social media, and then BOOM two hours pass and you're still not done with your task. Your mind is now distracted and polluted with your timeline, instead of your deadline.

  • We are not created to just sit on our phones all day. We are SO attached to our phones! Detach from your phone, you will not die.

  • It creates a false sense of connection. The first month of fasting from social media, I noticed that my phone was "dry". It seemed like nobody was calling or texting, because they have become accustomed to seeing me on social media. Instead of reaching out to friends directly, we typically go on social media to "check" on someone.

  • Unrealistic expectations. We expect our friends to like our pictures, watch our stories, or hear new things that we are doing or working on because we posted it on social media. This stops us from building real connections because we depend on social media to do the connecting for us.

  • Time management! Time is of the essence. Most people spend time scrolling or being nosy, without having a true meaning of being on social media. Use that time wisely and intentionally.

  • It DISTRACTS YOU FROM TIME WITH GOD! Do you ever get bored when reading the Word so you pick up your phone instead? Or maybe you casually check your phone and then BOOM, back on Instagram. You just decreased time in God's presence or reading the Bible because of your timeline.

  • It CAN influence whether or not you hear God's voice. Because you are seeing and hearing so many voices throughout your day, social media binging can take away from knowing God's voice. If you don't spend time with Him more than you do scrolling, liking, or pinning, you will get out of touch with who God is.

Things to do During your Social Media Break

  • Spend more time with God, and really filling that void or space by having conversations with God. This was difficult at first, and I went straight to Netflix or Hulu. But eventually, I gave into God because He was truly pulling on my heart and desiring time with me. He desires the same for you.

  • Spend more time with yourself! What do you like to do? Go do it! As long as it is legal and that it helps you grow as a woman, go do more of what you love!

  • Knock out those goals! I have lost 8 pounds in the last two weeks, ladies! Your girl is BUSY in the gym and focused on nutrition. The operation saved and snatched is in full effect! Anyways, knock out some goals and hone in since you are off of social media anyways.

  • If you plan to return back to social media like me, identify which platforms God has called you to. For example, I will not hop on Twitter, Tumblr and maybe even Facebook!! But I know that God wants me on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Build connections with your friends and family. This will enhance your ability to be PRESENT with people because you are not mindlessly scrolling when you are in their presence.

  • Improve your sleep! I know that checking my email, IG or FB was a habit before going to bed, and it negatively impacted my sleep.

  • Learn a new skill! What have you always wanted to do? Speak another language? Play the piano? Learn a new skill that will challenge you and bring you one step closer to growing as a woman.

  • Travel! I am SO tempted to whip out my IG when I get to Cali next month, but I am going to be present, have fun with my friend Alex, snap a bunch of cute pics, and then upload them when I return to IG. If you can travel somewhere while on your break, do so!

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