Discouragement & Taking Care of YOU

Lately, my life has been full of surprises, tears, laughs, painting and anything else expected with the ebbs and flows of life.
But recently?
I was thrown a wad of discouragement.
And honestly, I am still pushing through the discouraging thoughts that the enemy sends my way.
While I am so grateful that we love a God who loves us way more than we can ever imagine, I am praying that God shows me how to be my biggest fan. I know that God offers encouragement, strength, and boldness.
But how do I practically do this for myself?
I have been learning what it means to encourage MYSELF, to support and cheer MYSELF on and to truly love the journey.
For me, it has been a lot of time with myself.
Figuring out who God has created me to be, deciding what I do and do not like, and just straight up enjoying my own company.
I have also released the expectation that everyone in my life must support all of my moves because that expectation is unrealistic and actually unhealthy. Once I released this expectation from people, I began to lean on God for the support and myself.
When dealing with discouragement, we also have to be so intentional in protecting our mind and our hearts.
Are we listening to doubts?
What kind of conversations are we engaging in?
How are we actively pursuing God's insight and encouragement?
If we are not intentional, we will continue getting beat up by the enemy.
And I am sorry, but I refuse to let satan whoop me.
If you want further girl talk on dealing with discouragement or how to love yourself, check out the videos below.

Self CareImani Wade