My Struggle with Friendships...

Lord knows that I have been through a lot with women throughout the last five years.
Isn't it wild to imagine that women can cause you more pain than a man at times?
I mean think about it.
How many times has your heart been broken by a "friend"?
Someone you THOUGHT you could trust, or someone you imagined doing the rest of your life with.
You planned your future vacations together, kid play dates, and more importantly, they know all of your secrets.
And then.. your heart gets broken, and the friendship comes to an end.
You fight with trust issues to open up to any other woman you meet.
You overanalyze whether or not you can let any woman near your heart.
You're now hesitant with friends you currently have now, all because of the previous hurt from a recent friendship.
Or perhaps you're confused on why God would even put someone in your life for a season, questioning His intentions for seasonal friendships.
Maybe you even had some expectations from Christian women, only to have them disappoint you because you thought they could love you like Jesus.
And MAYBE, you caused the destruction of your previous friendships (ouch, but been there too girl)
Didn't I tell you that I have been through a lot with friends?
And yet I don't believe that I am the ONLY woman who has...
This frustration, heartbreak, healing, and experience has inspired me to do a series on Friendship.

I want to invite you into the candid conversations that I had with my friends about friendships. Check out the videos below for more insight :)

Candid Convo, FaithImani Wade