Stepping out on Faith

In 2015, I felt the pull to leave the strip club for good. I had been stripping for over two years, and I had the plan to continue for another year. While I actually hated working in this industry (imagine that), I had a game plan. I was going to stack my money and then begin pursuing my real estate exam that would eventually lead me to my dream salon. I was comfortable in this plan, (yet it was not attainable nor reliable).
Except God had other plans for me. He was requiring more of my heart, trust, time, and He wanted access to my dreams.

Now that I reflect on the past, I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith and left the strip clubs. I had no money saved, and it was around the SLOWEST season to leave the club. That simply means, it was harder to make money. Three days before Christmas, I left the club and never looked back.
As your girl left this lifestyle and ran closer to God as my Provider, He indeed provided. Over the next few days, my rent money was provided miraculously and I had the income to keep me afloat for the next few months. I was learning that I could rely on my Heavenly Father.

Fast forward to 2018, my relationship with God was growing and I was led to quit my job and walk out on faith AGAIN without having another career lined up. Do you want to guess what God? He provided, again.
Fast forward to now, I am working at a job that pays me double in income than what I was making at my previous job.
Present-day, God is showing me that another faith step is within the horizon (of course lol) and He is showing me how to wait well while I prepare in my current season.

Are you being led to take a deeper step towards God by stretching your faith?
Is God pulling you to walk out on faith and you are lowkey freaking out because you're a planner?
Are you waiting on God to fulfill a promise and you feel like God is purposely moving slow?
I have been there before and I am back in this season again!
Perhaps I am always in this season because my name means "faith" in the Swahili language.
Who knows, maybe taking faith moves is what my entire life will consist of. If you said "yaaass" to any of my questions above, check out my two recent videos on "Trusting God" and "Waiting on God"

FaithImani Wade