Trying Something NEW (yet kinda scary)

When was the last time that you tried something completely different than your norm?

You know, “stepped out of your comfort zone” as some would even say. The last time that I did this was when I booked my trip to Greece. I was going solo, but I would be meeting 9 other women that I had never met before, AND living amongst them for two weeks.

You want to talk about trying something new? This was the nearest thing “Bad Girls Club” that this Christian woman would get to experience! HA! But I did truly enjoy my time with these ladies and cherish every memory that I have from that trip.

If I didn’t trust my inner wanderlust spirit, and in God, I would have stayed behind in Texas, waiting for the next opportunity.

Thoughts like “well you don’t know anyone, what if they are nasty?”, “what if something happens to you as you’re getting there”, “what if you run out of money?” attempted to cross my mind.

But my desire to explore (thank God I have a wanderlust spirit) and my faith that God WANTED me on that trip, carried me through.

So, what is it that you need to do that you are too scared to do? :)

I know, it isn’t easy to immediately address, nor is this a cute topic.

I’ll share one of my five main faith hurdles. Yes, five. I literally have five. And we only have four months left in 2019 :) how exciting!!!! :) :) :)

My next one is next week. Next week I will be flying solo to San Fransisco for the first time in my life. Now granted, I do have a friend that lives out there-that I met in Greece and she was my CLEAN roommate-so this part isn’t necessarily scary for me.

I am attending the Create + Cultivate Conference BY MYSELF. This event will definitely consist of women empowerment, but it will also have a ton of networking opportunities.





Some of you reading this that think you know me, are probably thinking “you’re an extrovert! You’ll be fine!!” And while you are correct, I am STILL dealing with imposter syndrome. Feeling like I am not qualified to be in this room amongst many influencers, CEO’s, celebs, and entrepreneurs.

I’m just a girl with big dreams in a woman’s body who loves Jesus and helping others.

And that is all that I need to be. I need to be myself, and continue walking in faith with boldness.

So what is it that you are scared to do right now?

Is it writing your first book?

Starting your YouTube channel?

Relocating to another city?

Starting your non-profit?

Whatever it is, know that you are not alone. You are amongst many other women who fear the unknown. Take a step. Then take another step. And continue reminding yourself of WHO you are.

You are a bold and beautiful woman in pursuit of her dreams.

FaithImani Wade