The princess pep talk

oct 2018

The Princess Pep Talk was the first event that I hosted in Oct 2018. We discussed rejection, insecurities, anger, lust, control, and un-forgiveness with many other women who could relate to these struggles. Many women desire a safe and therapeutic environment, but they often don’t have the place or people to create this for them. Each event that I host will invite the presence of God, and allow women to be themselves.

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Public speaking

My heartbeat

My heartbeat is to see women who feel unqualified, unworthy or unseen, rise up in their God-given purposes and smash their goals, claim their victory, and walk in their freedom. My heartbeat is to see them become who GOD has called them to be, not who the world has tried to force them to be. That said, I speak passionately about the following topics:

Sharing your story

healing from your past

breaking up with the bad girl

misunderstood & misguided teenagers